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The One Thing That Changed My Writing Career

I have been writing since I can remember. In fact, when I was a young child I would emulate my mother’s writing. I’d take a black felt pen along with a yellow legal pad and simply pretend I was making words. Line after line I’d scribble in blocks of ‘cursive’ writing. To this day, I have a love affair with pens and pads. I even get care packages from friends and fans sending me different types of notebooks, journals, and an assortment of pens for writing. To me those little packages are priceless. So you can say writing has been a lifelong journey.

My Personal Annual Writer’s Retreat

As with any type of employment, writers need getaways just the same as anyone else. Although work schedules may seem a bit unconventional at times, the hours put in for any artist is just as tedious and at times very stress inducing. Many of us are a one man or woman operation; taking on the roll of several individuals. My down time is cherished and each of the past 3 years, since I turned to writing full-time, I have planned a week long writing retreat in Wildwood, New Jersey, during the middle of September. I originally found this particular slice…

The Loneliness of the Midnight Writer

As a writer it seems I am constantly at a crossroads of what to write about. I often feel that a roulette wheel with different subjects would benefit more than my own thought process. I find myself jumping from personal experiences to writing related tips and everything in between. Many of the posts I create have a motivational type of feel to them. That’s not by accident. Writers and artists in general I think have a very solitude way of living and at times we all need that extra push. I can only hope when others read certain pieces I…

How Do You Decide What To Write About

I have always been a natural storyteller. Since I was a young child, I was always more interested in reading than watching. For me, when I read a book, I could create my own visuals. I didn’t have to depend on others to show me what to see.  For that reason, I try and read a book before I see the film. Otherwise, the visual is askew. With shorter pieces, I write what comes to me. I have a closeness to all I write. I invest a bit of my time into the words and the end result holds a…